Bold Step.

The festivities are over, new year is now with us. It’s a new dawn, yet our minds are still entangled with the past mistakes, failures and uncertainties. Our hands are chained to the comfort of our zones. Fear has taken control of all our endeavours.

Let’s take a tour to the bible. Am not trying to preach, but to drive my point home I’ll have to use our ‘mirror’ the word of God. 

Mathew 14:29..

Peter got out of the boat, started walking on the water, and came toward Jesus.

Most of us are familiar with the scene depicted in the bible passage above. We may have read or heard it many times, but usually our focus is on how Peter became afraid and started sinking. Today I will introduce another perspective. We all know that Peter become overwhelmed with fear right?; we all can identify with that experience. But how many of us can identify with Peter’s first action: taking a step? 

Taking that first step requires courage, faith, and risk. Sometimes we may feel like we’re in a storm with ranging circumstances surrounding us. We know God is there, but oftentimes, we’re too afraid to leave the comfort of our life to follow our dreams which are predestined by God. What if we choose to be like Peter and take a step? We may be afraid of the unknown, but we find comfort when we pray, hear God’s response: “Take heart it is I; do not be afraid.” God will always be with us we need not fear.

We may step out of our comfort zones, and meet a flood of obstacles. But just as peter was rescued, God will be there with an extended hand to save us as well.

Therefore, it’s a high time that we kick our fears harder, and bid them Good bye. To get out there and have your heart broken, break some hearts, go start that business you always wished to start, go apply for that dream job. Go to that college you heart has always admired, go do that course you want to pursue, in short it’s the high time that you have to live your dream, free of fear or failure. It’s in failing that we learn how to be successful. Take that bold step and live you life like you own it. God has given you the free will. But live it for God. If you trust in God, tale that bold step and never look back. You will soon discover that one bold step can change the course of your entire life.



I ​commiserate for those ladies who convince their ticker(the heart), that they are not cheated on while as a matter of fact they are been subterfuged. Men are okey they heal quickly and brag all about it. You hook up today, make love in the evening and by midnight the whole village will catch the drift.

In my small village, which is a place in the former Central province, currently kiambu county. The oilskin of the home is smeared on the faces of strangers, amusingly this is not done by the hosts but by an acquaintance. It’s a hard place to live especially when you are been watched, people will know what color your pantie is and you were alone when putting it on.. I guess you are wondering who the hell does that, well you should talk to Nillah.(have I introduced You to her yet) Oh sorry buddies, meet Her she is quite a darling I have had a crush on her for quite sometime until I got her number, obviously from a friend., a shy guy like me is always a loser when it comes to love. What exhilarated me was her name, Petronilla a name only she owns., I could now confidently say a knew the reason why my heart always caught flames. Its because of the instantaneous combustion of petrol..on her number Plate. She is smoking hot, affable and sophisticated, (before I forget she is a slayer en she knows it.) Just that she is a hard nut to crack, I have tried to convince her she ain’t that skinny, for real I love her figure.(obviously am not that an ass guy) but she wouldn’t listen, come on pretty, you perfect curves gives me a craving for your server space.

What that was meant to say was she totally gets what am saying, about this annoying village, you image will be soiled, you will look yourself in the mirror and say, “holly shit this ain’t me” but to fit here you must be that I don’t give a fuck, kyda person, not you tho’  am sure you care what people say.  Toking about Sammy, my friend who must be undergoing what a would call identity crisis, why on earth have you treated you hair. Daddies boy?( I used to until my aunt gave me a lecture a recorded in my big brain.. Thanks aunt Maryann you are the best ). Well’ he (Sammy) will read this so God better send father Abraham to be on my side when hell breaks loose. Everybody knows this even those that does not know him. Here word spreads like bush fire, unfortunately    Ngahu from the movie the gods must be crazy ain’t here to put it off. Am not a fun of movies but I know that. But Jose (babu), is a huge fun( what time did you sleep) I mean everybody knows that too, you can hide it from us, but we have birds everywhere in this village, even walls got ears.(by the way does that tractor from 18AD still exist) waiting to see it on the road soon, its now yours Right Jose?

There is this one time, rumours had it that I have married. Yes I was in love but marriage, seriously?? We were love birds, she loved me as much as I loved her, by then I had just completed my O- level education and met her through a friend, he used to take milk in the residence she worked as a house help, so when one day I went with him, when she opened to receive the milk a couldn’t get my eyes off this beautiful creation, she ignited my affection on the bit. We got so fond of each other to a point of visiting at home evrytime she had time. It grew so quickly she would come every day at 1pm to 2 pm. I know what you perverts think. Things getting alittle spicy.?? Well it didn’t happen but you all have seen birds in love, they will make out every time they are together even if ts just a kiss. That must be why people were convinced a had her as my wife. Word spreads guys started as whispers to stories, if there is a news paper in this village it would have been on the bold.

Guys have you heard of this news.. Its not breaking news it’s been with us for years though its big deal, don’t say  it’s no biggie..  I heard it when I was young, it still trends, Nillah heard it too mind you she is a “stranger” yet she has been smeared with our oilskin. Aids is a killer disease it has been for decades. The trending topic here has always been in our beloved locale we have been invaded by this primal blueprint. A virus from Apes could that be true. Or is it that word spreading is all rumours. We love our cash crop tea. But can it be the reason why we have this menace? food for thought

The tongue is a small part of a human body. But very disastrous, its this tiny object that ignites this fire which burns emotions, reduces friendships and love to ashes, breakes happy families. Only hell and lucifa delights when all this happens. Remember my love story?? Yeah the one I just shared. The love birds were separated by the fiery furnace of rumours. Had to let go but when the devil has his way we just rest our case and heal our wounds.

When the bush burns, there are those people that worship, the likes of moses of today. You guys read the bible you know moses he was in a burning bush but did not burn even with shoes off. But there are those who are the likes of the rich man. You know that parable of the rich man. Burned in hell, couldn’t even get a drop of water to calm his tongue. Be ware before you open your mouth to spit out. Think of what others will feel, that’s what makes us human. Wen you light a fire it might burn someone you love beyond recognition. Love and peace in this year of prosperity, watch you tongue so you don’t hurt a brother or a sister.

 Happy new year guys..


Trust me guys. I lie sometimes but today I woke up with a warm heart, God must have appeared to me in a dream. It’s a rare occurrence though I have a conviction He did.Like my friend Brian, I wasn’t planning to join other young men and women of faith in their quest to learn more about God in a youths camp. I had this weird feeling that am past that stuff, I bet Satan was preparing to beat his victory drums and I was getting ready to dance the rhythm, my heart was in a battle with some tissue on my medulla oblongata convincing me to go. I arrived at our pickup point and found lots of luggage at a glimpse. I felt as if a hundred pounds weight has been put on my shoulders and instantly felt like am betraying my commitment as believer and as a leader of the youths group. Rushed home, packed my bag and went a step further to convince Brian to join in the quest for spiritual nourishment. 

On arrival at the camping venue I had a crush with the mattresses, very new and unused. They had an enticing look that called with a voice of a slay qween, smooth and sexy.. Come bae  come. Several people had arrived and with my strong lions scent identifying a potential prey. There were lots of them to prey on some tender some with fat.. Hehe (guess u get that joke) tho am not the kind of lion that hunts for fatty foods. To cut the long story short, it’s a story for another day.

Finally, the actual event started with boring stuff, introductions, boring sermon so cliche only on protocal churches. But the atmosphere changed when the main speaker stood to the pulpit. Youth and the contemporary world. Looks like a boring topic when addressing the current generation,  by the way is this 21st gen acting as 22nd.. Allow me to echo what Rev Sam paused as a challage, If your generation is beyond our counsel what of the generation that you shall raise?

Am not a so religious man never was but a cannot say never will. A believe in Christian teachings, some Islamic lessons and I believe God exists because how then can one explain existence of the universe. But I find it hard as a person to follow the teachings to the letter without help of another supernatural being the holy ghost. Ooops! I almost strayed from the main agenda.. I didn’t quite constrate on the main speaker because my mind was drifting my heart to a pretty creation, a work piece from the world’s most celebrated sculpture. This was the most perfect curves my eyes has ever seen in its 26 years of life, and that explains why I couldn’t get my eyes off her. I purposed to follow my heart but my ego couldn’t get the guts to a face off. Mmmnh am a loser right guys? But to some love is impossible guess that’s one.

It was a week out for me, tho in the process a learned so much that transformed me. We may disagree to agree but at some point we get the message. I was in a group with sexy ladies a think thats the only good thing I can remember as long as my group is concerned unlike other groups which had tasty stories to share ours had lots of devotions and doctrinal teachings you would assume we were in a theological seminary. Some days were sweet with debates on issues affecting youths.. Wait a min there is this silent lady, but always outstanding and pretty but a heard her speak has twice. Flo yu’l have to apologise right on.. No beatiful Lady is allowed to be so mute, you must prey on men’s heart like a lioness. Am sure governor would not have opposed you..

Every time the main speaker stood, one thing was certain. Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice. It was even becoming a cliche in the minds of young teens who thinks they own the world. To them teaching about contemporary world is a waste of time. Tell them this is wrong next minute they are overdoing it. Personally the word sacrifice gave me a head ache leave alone the appeal to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. How many of us can offer sacrifices, either of our resources, time or cattle. Most of us like me sacrificed our time to go to the mountain and b reminded that we should sacrifice our bodies which is a righteous form of worship.

To some life is normal. Live, eat and love. I love birds in love. They will make love everywhere in the trees on the field. On the benches everywhere. They shy not and doesn’t give a shit about what you will say or think. That’s your problem to those birds. We are same birds but with different feathers. Some shine, some are dark coloured, yet others change color like a chameleon. But there is this type of birds that’s I envy. They sleep in heaven and wake on earth. This are the kind of birds that can give their bodies as a holy sacrifice.  A sacrifice that God can not reject.

We are all called for a purpose to glorify God. That’s should be on our new years resolution list, and don’t forget that God gave us a sacrifice the only thing He asks of is your body give it to Him as a holy sacrifice and watch. Happy new year and a prosperous 2018 guys.

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